June 21st - June 27th

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Piyo® at Chuze Fitness

PiYo is an exercise trend sweeping the nation that was created by Chalene Johnson of Beachbody. We love it so much that we also provide PiYo classes at Chuze! Despite its many other benefits, traditional yoga classes may lack an increased heart rate. All that downward dog isn’t going to be sufficient enough to also build muscle and burn fat. PiYo class is the perfect blend of Pilates/Yoga with dance and athletics. 

This is a body stretch workout for those who, in addition to increased flexibility, want to burn fat and build muscle.  The combination of speeding the poses up throughout the PiYo workout class integrated with dance and martial arts movements works out your entire body. This dynamic fusion workout is easy on the joints & burns fat, yet delivers strength, balance, agility and flexibility in one unique calorie-burning workout.

While you can try to do this on your own with our online course or PiYo DVD, it’s always more fun learning in our group fitness class. View our class schedule above and come visit us at Chuze to try our PiYo classes with our certified PiYo instructors. 

Get benefits from both Pilates and Yoga in one amazing class perfect for any fitness level.