Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules in the gym?
As a member I agree to and or understand that:

• All membership plans, prices, hours of operation and realize they are subject to change.

• Basic membership includes access to Home club (where I signed up), fitness equipment & locker rooms. Premium membership includes access to all Facility locations, fitness equipment, locker rooms, and other amenities that vary by location including but not limited to: group X classes (not including Team Training), indoor cycling, pool, Jacuzzi, steam, sauna, hydromassage, in door tanning, and guest privileges (restrictions vary by location). MORE membership includes Premium membership access and amenities, Team Training classes, discounts on certain retail products, and guest privileges 7 days a week. This membership is available at certain locations. All guests have the same access as a Basic membership while accompanied by their member. One guest is allowed per visit. Kids Club is a separate plan and varies by location. Minimum hours are 7am to 7pm but vary by location. The Facility may adjust hours for holidays. See our website - for each Facility hours of operation. Membership is offered in tiered levels. Lower tier memberships include access to one site, fitness equipment and locker rooms. Higher tiered memberships include additional amenities that vary by location.

• Abide by all Facility rules and understand they are subject to change: CHUZE FITNESS DOES NOT PERMIT: Grunting or loud noises; dropping/slamming weight equipment; swearing or offensive language and clothing; cell phone usage in workout areas; bags or purses in workout areas; jeans, boots, open-toed shoes; unauthorized fitness equipment; unauthorized personal training; guest access to Premium amenities (classes, tanning, hydromassage, pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna); unauthorized food or drink; soliciting or loitering; sleeping on premises. CHUZE FITNESS REQUIRES MEMBERS TO: Wipe down equipment after use; re-rack weights after use; use a lock to secure belongings; remove locks daily; check in to the facility with proper barcode; have guests sign in; be present while guests are in the Facility (If membership tier permits guests); obtain a pass for classes; and be kind and courteous to other members and employees who are part of the Chuze Family.

• I am at least 18 years old and have voluntarily signed this agreement and all waivers and release & Assumption of Risk agreement.

• The minimum age for membership is 16 years old. Members who are 16 and 17 years old may come in alone as long as parent/guardian has signed all necessary documents; however they will not be permitted use of indoor tanning facilities.

• Guest privileges vary depending on location, and my guest (if I have a Max membership) if ages 13 to 17, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Guests may be asked to present ID to confirm they’re 18 or older.

• Any patrons receiving or performing any form of unauthorized fitness training or instruction will be subject to suspension or termination of their membership.

• The Facility has the right to terminate or suspend my membership if I do not abide by the rules. Cause for termination may consist of violation of any rules or regulations of the Facility or of any conduct that in the opinion of management is prejudicial to the welfare, good order, and character of the Facility.

• Have my picture taken at this time and stored on my membership profile(this allows employees to identify me when I check in).

• The Facility is not responsible for any loss or theft of my personal property in or outside the premises and agree to use my own lock when using a locker.

• Non-use of Chuze Fitness’ Facility does not relieve me of my obligation to make all payments as set forth in this agreement, unless otherwise herein stated.

• I am aware that my membership is non-transferable.

• Start-Up Fees, Monthly Dues, Annual Fees and Paid In Full Dues are non-refundable.

• There is a $10 membership change fee for any downgrades or Home Club transfers.

• My membership and billing may only be frozen or put on hold for medical reasons with a doctor’s note or with military orders.

• This agreement and any addendums constitute the entire agreement between the Facility and me, the member.